Fix Hacked Sites

Has your WordPress site been hacked? We will fix it for you!

Site Audit

We will perform a full audit of your website and will find all ways in which hackers have penetrated it

Hacking Clean Up

We will clean up all of the hacking, including removing onsite spam and eliminating secret backdoors

Ongoing Monitoring

We will run daily checks to make sure that the hackers don’t return in the future, providing you with piece of mind¬†

We Are Hacking Clean-Up Experts

Our team of experts will clean up your site, making sure it’s safe and secure. Our team will do a deep dive to review your site’s infrastructure and ensure there is no remaining malicious code embedded in your site.

Why Have Us Clean up Your Hacked Site?


It’s critical to immediately root out and eliminate website hackings. If you choose to ignore that your site is hacked, you will hinder your sales and company growth.

Google Search Ban

Hacked Websites will be removed from Google search results

Inappropriate Content

Hacked sites get flooded with inappropriate content

Spam Nexus

Hacked sites become a spam nexus to contaminate other sites

Credit Card Fraud

Hacked sites are used for credit card fraud

Get a Free Hacked Site Review

We will do a free review of your site in order to identify why / how it is hacked and provide you with a tailored option for cleaning up your site