Website Developement Packages

Are you building a website for the first time or does your existing site need an overhaul? Let us build your website on WordPress – the most commonly used platform for small-business websites. The process is simple: you choose the WordPress theme/template and send us the images and text you want on your site. Then we will build out a beautiful, mobile responsive website that meets your business needs!

Our Easy 3-Step Development Process


You Choose Your Site’s Look & Feel


You Provide Us Images & Copy for the Site


We Build It & Get It Online In 2 Weeks

Frequently Asked Questions
What is included in the website development package?

We will build out a website using an off-the-shelf WordPress theme template for your choice. We will build this theme to include all the content you provide us.

What does a Revision Entail?

After your site is built, we will let you review the site and provide feedback, to correct any errors or request any changes. This process is called a revision. The website build-out process includes x2 free revisions. Additional revisions will be billed hourly for the actual time spent.

What Content do I need to provide?

You will send us images and copy (i.e., text) for your site. If you don’t already have this available, we can often copy the needed content from what you already have on social media pages, such as Facebook or your Google Listing at no extra charge. Alternately, we offer content writing services

What is an e-Commerce site?

E-Commerce sites have a shopping cart and let users buy products on the site. By default we set up eCommerce sites using WooCommerce and a common payment processor (i.e., Stripe,, etc.). We will also set up your first 3 products and simple shipping rules & taxes for free as part of the e-Commerce development process (more advanced configuration is not included).

What is considered A 'page' for the Page count?

Each unique page we have to build is considered a page. So for example, if you purchase a 5 page site, you might have the following pages: Home, Services, Other Offerings, About, & Contact Us

How do I choose the website Design?

We will help you select the ideal WordPress theme template that matches your design goals. We will then build the site using that template and your content. Custom development beyond the default template is available at an additional cost.

What is hosting?

Just like a house needs utilities or a phone needs a monthly service plan, a website needs hosting to make it available on the internet. All of our packages cover the first 3 months of hosting for free, and from there you will automatically be able to continue with any of our hosting packages or switch to a different hosting provider.

Do you provide the domain?

You will need to purchase the domain name either through a domain registrar (such as GoDaddy) or via us through one of our Hosting Packages.